Board Of Committee

Audit Committee

Our audit committee consists of three members, namely, Mr. Prasasto Sudyatmiko, who is the chairman of the audit committee, Mrs. Sri Wahyuni Sujono and Mr. Hidayat Hoesni. The audit committee is regulated under Bapepam-LK Regulation No. IX.I.5. It performs its function in accordance with its charter dated November 28, 2013, which was approved by our Board of Commissioners. The role of the audit committee is to provide professional and independent advice to the Board of Commissioners and to assist the Board of Commissioners in their function of supervising the performance of the Company and its subsidiaries. The audit committee also seeks to ensure proper application of financial reporting standards, procedures and to ensure the quality and transparency of financial reports.


Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Our nomination and remuneration committee consists of two members, namely, Mrs. Angeline Sutedja who is the chairman of the committe, and Mr. Kristianto Sudiono who is a Commissioner of the Company. The main functions of the nomination and remuneration committee are to improve the quality of human resources in the Company and assessing the salaries and bonuses of our management personnel. See "- Board of Commissioners" and "Board of Directors" for the biographies of our nomination and remuneration committee members.