BANKSASUCI (Bank Sampah Sungai Cisadane)

The program we call BANKSASUCI because located in Cisadane River and a lot of people who use and depend on the river's life. BANKSASUCI waste management by making waste as economically valuable goods and beneficial for all parties. Waste management is transactional (buying and selling) based on community involvement.

The purpose of the Bank is to clean up trash and litter around the river to empower people to contribute to maintain and preserve the river, as well as obtain economic value from its activities. Although it is not possible to clean up along The Cisadane River but this activity can be a waste management system pilot project. It is also expected to increase the independence and social activities of the unit the profit obtained.

By empowering the community on the Bank Sampah can educate people to manage the waste into more useful items, and can improve the local economy from the sale of junk. Then give a new job for the people in the Bank Sampah management activities.

Activities were prepared from 2013 operating in January 2014. Activities conducted in addition to collect waste that is recycled garbage like a pack of coffee, mineral water, a used tissue roll into bags and plant pots. They also made a raft that is used to pick up trash in the Cisadane River.



Alam Sutera region is expected to be a pioneer in the area of Indonesia as one of the green residential area and has a diversity of native tree species that are endangered Indonesian can be used as an element of urban landscape green residential area.

The trees found in Alam Sutera like Red Flamboyant, Cambodia Yellow, White Wood camouflage, Trembesi, Fir Sumatra, etc. The number of existing plants as much as ± 10,000 trees. Located in a cluster, the main street, and around the area of Alam Sutera.

There is a lake that will be created as a purpose built Ecommunity Park where the lake park to be a community gathering place for sports, interactions between one another, as well as being one of the icons of Alam Sutera.