Blood donation is one of the CSR activities PT.Alam Sutera Realty,Tbk. social work together with Alam Sutera Residence Community (ASRC) and Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). Blood donation is conducted every 3 months at the Club House or Mall @ Alam Sutera. In one period, the implementation of blood donors conducted over 2 days, in every Saturday and Monday. Saturday event organized by ASRC and is intended for donors originating from Alam Sutera housing residents. Meanwhile, on Monday organized by the CSR team of PT. Alam Sutera Realty,Tbk. in collaboration with the Mall @ Alam Sutera and is intended for preferred donors came from employees of PT. Alam Sutera Realty,Tbk. This event is also open to the public. Employee from other company also allowed to donate on Monday.

The purpose of holding the blood donation as this is one of concern for the company and the public health community in the form of provision of blood bags. This activity invites the entire community to donate blood voluntarily and will be managed by PMI for the needy.

Blood donation is started in December 2012 and continues to be done every 3 months until now. Until 2014, the blood donation have done as much as 6 times the average donor who successfully donate blood each period ± 170 people. In 6 times the period of blood donors has been done, the interests of the donors who donated blood continues to increase. Seen from the number of donors in the period December 2012 only 30 people, in the period March 2014 to reach 216 donors. And is expected to continue to rise in the next period.


Natural Disaster Relief

In January and February 2014, to provide assistance area affected by floods and volcanic eruptions, namely:

  • Tangerang City
  • Tangerang Regency
  • Residents around in Kelud Mountain institutions through BMH (Baitul Maal Hidayatullah)

Assistance provided in the form of milk, instant noodles, mineral water, biscuits, baby food, masks, blankets, used clothes, napkins, towels, etc..


Donation for Government in South Tangerang

PT. Alam Sutera Realty Tbk. provide assistance in the form of 10 (ten) pieces bike for the Task Force in Situ Gintung in maintaining security and order in the area around Situ Gintung, because many who abuse the site. It also showed concern for the development of Alam Sutera Tangerang City South. Wildlife Conservation Task Force Situ Gintung held on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.