Corporate Social Responsibility


As a property developer, the Company is committed to build a better quality of life for people to live in a well-maintained environment. One of the Company’s efforts to realize this commitment is through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a manifestation of our responsibility to the public, including our employees and consumers, as well as to the environment.

This responsibility is integrated within theoverall business strategy of the Company, which we focus our business growth to be directly proportional to the increase in the quality of life in socio-economic aspects and environmental conservation. Doing business in ethical manner is in our heart by upholding the highest standards of behavior to fulfill the rights of our employees and consumers according to applicable laws and legislations.

In improving quality of life, the Company has a commitment to improve welfare by becoming a partner for community economic development. The company also strives to become agents of social change in order to improve quality of life related to education and public health, and become a pioneer in environmental preservation.

The Company then actualizes each of these commitments through various tangible and meaningful CSR activities and programs for the society and the environment, based on 2 (two) primary focuses:

  • Help and provide opportunities for the people, in economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects.
  • As a Company that involves the community in its operations, Corporate Social Responsibility is a primary responsibility that must be implemented as an effort to achieve the Company’s vision in creating a better quality of life.


Inorganic waste collection is a regular weekly activities conducted in Alam Sutera neighborhood, which has been ongoing since 2014 with various innovative programs annually.

In September 2016, Alam Sutera invited its residents in inorganic waste collection contest themed “Friends with Inorganic Waste”.

Through this activity, the residents were invited to collect inorganic waste such as plastic bottles, papers, magazines and others. The purpose of this activity was to motivate people in waste sorting, so they will get accustomed to sort waste in their house. Thus, this good habit can sensitize citizens about the need for waste reduction in the household, which in the long run will have better impact on the environment.

Inorganic wastes that are already sorted will be given to recycling centres to be re-created into useful items.


Alam Sutera always strives to carry out developments that suit the needs of the surrounding community. For that reason, social programs that involve the surrounding community are always carried out and communicated properly, especially by always addressing issues that cause significant social impacts, through e.g. social programs for disaster management, humanitarian assistance during the pandemic, vaccination programs, and other activities.


In line with the Company’s commitment to providing the best service and quality products to customers, we constantly strive to meet the demands and expectations of our consumers through provision of various facilities to improve quality of life. We are committed to be responsible towards our consumers by implementing the following policies:
  1. Always provide excellent service according to the consumers’ needs.
  2. Constantly improve services and products to provide a variety of choices for consumers.
  3. 100-days warranty after hand over of house purchased as regulated in the Sales and Purchase Agreement.
Besides fulfilling our responsibilities for Consumers , the Company also provides a tangible contribution for the communities. The company provides variety of services which includes:
  1. Improving the quality of Pasar 8;
  2. Providing sports and recreational facilities;
  3. Providing convenient facilities for religion activities;
  4. Warranting security.

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